1. We are

  2. Relationships

  3. Right attitude

  4. Credibility
    and value

  • Accuraco is a specialist project management consultancy to the property, government, infrastructure and resources sectors throughout Australia.
  • The owners and directors of Accuraco have substantial experience and credibility at the project and corporate level having lead and directed the largest PM organisations in Australia.
  • It’s our word and reputation!
  • The best industry people want to work with Accuraco. Clients, design consultants, contractors and staff have all valued their relationships with the owners and directors of Accuraco.
  • These relationships are essential when commencing complex capital projects, when working in challenging and remote locations and when working under public and corporate scrutiny.
  • Accuraco brings the right attitude to projects which varies from client to client and project to project. The fact is no single approach or methodology will consistently deliver results.
  • It is having the right attitude which achieves project outcomes and benefits realisation.
  • Accuraco has the credibility to do what we say through its owners and directors project performance as evidenced by successful outcomes across multiple sectors over several years.
  • This means we’ll do it better and at Accuraco we term this “releasing the value”.

Latest News

Melbourne Park Redevelopment

Melbourne Park Redevelopment

Construction of the new loading dock well advanced
Ozanam House Redevelopment

Ozanam House Redevelopment

VincentCare Victoria engages Accuraco for the Ozanam House Redevelopment
The GPT Group

The GPT Group

Space & Co Workspaces at 530 Collins St Melbourne
The GPT Group Parkmore Shopping Centre

The GPT Group Parkmore Shopping Centre

Accuraco pleased to appoint A G Coombs to deliver the Mechanical Plant Upgrade