Otways Reducing Bushfire Risk Program



Feb 19- Ongoing

Project Type

Government & Infrastructure

Services Provided

Project Management and Contract Administration

Delivery Methodology

Schedule of Rates

Accuraco are currently engaged by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) to project manage the upgrade of various fire trails throughout the Great Otway National Park.

Accuraco are responsible for delivering this $0.5M capital works program for the 2019/20 financial year. Services provided include:

  • Desktop assessment of existing information
  • Create a project management plan, outlining project objectives, governance structure, stakeholder engagement, funding stream, cost plan, programme, procurement strategy, risk assessment and environmental, heritage and cultural management
  • Scoping activities including site visits, recording of information via photo, video and GPS
  • Identifying any detailed design required and then engaging with a and managing design engineers
  • Contract works administration

The environmental setting, being a national park, means an appreciation of the significant environmental values is a must. The various fire trails either lead to, or are intertwined with, places of public amenity and a high value placed on its recreational use, given the above, the public needs to be considered in all decision making.

Challenges on this project are the locations of the assets which are in excess of 3 hours travel to site and 2 hours between assets within the National Park. However, with careful planning and comprehensive documentation this Accuraco have been able to overcome this efficiently.

Key success factors for this project are early engagement which has allowed Accuraco to listen to various stakeholders to build a solid understanding of the program and what project success would look like. Also, identifying the individuals who were important to delivering the project successfully, establishing relationships early and setting up the right project control group.

As Accuraco has prior extensive experience with natural disaster recovery projects, this has allowed us to for see the resiliency issues faced by fire trail assets in these geographies.

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