Melbourne Central LED Display

The GPT Group


May 2014 – November 2015

Project Type

Screen Installation

Services Provided

Project Management, Structural Planning,
Delivery Methodology
Major Works Contract

Accuraco was engaged to project manage the installation of LED Display screens at two major shopping centre’s – Melbourne Central in the CBD and Highpoint in Maribyrnong. The screens are used to advertise products, services and Shopping centre information, such as special event shopping nights.

Our role involved liaising with the structural consultants, professional screen installer, Mediatec, and Digital Place Solutions. We were provided with the screen specifications and worked with the structural engineer and Mediatec to determine how the screens would be suspended from existing structures.. We worked in a non-traditional environment where Digital, Structural, Technical, Design and Safety were all important components of the project.

The design of Melbourne Central required a particularly innovative solution. The challenge was to co-ordinate an asymmetrical hang of the four cables because of the multiple levels in the centre. Working with the structural engineer, we’ve designed 3D CAD Models to calculate the varying angles of the support cables. At the Highpoint Shopping Centre, Accuraco and the team determined that a new “A” frame structure had to be built in line with the existing atrium structure and the cables attached to that.

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