Parkmore Shopping Centre – Multiple Upgrades

GPT Group


June 2015 – July 2016

Project Type

Retail Base Building Upgrade

Services Provided

Full Project Management, Feasibility Review

Delivery Methodology

Fixed Lump Sum Contract

We were engaged to project manage multiple upgrades at Parkmore Shopping Center.
These included a mechanical upgrade of existing chillers, air handling units and boilers throughout the 5 main plant rooms. Our role was to manage a project team to deliver the detailed design, tender and construction of the services upgrade.
We engaged ADP Consultants to undertake a comprehensive review and status of existing mechanical equipment, this was undertaken to ensure that the recommended designs met our clients environmental and cost requirements.

We were also engaged to manage the repair of the central atrium and eastern dome roof from the feasibility and design stages through to the final repair work. Water ingress due to corrosion and cracked glass panels was intermittent throughout the atrium, therefore careful assessment was required from the consultant to ensure the correct specifications were met.
The development of a regime of staged water testing was paramount to the project and ensured the correct repair work was carried out and quality was cross-checked.

Also as part of the upgrade we project managed the installation of a new bus station at the centre. Our role was to project manage the project from Procurement and design through to the final installation. We lead the initial procurement of the Consultant team to ensure sufficient civil design and geo-tech due diligence was conducted, as no prior archived documentation was available.

A critical component of the role was to manage the logistics of the project. This was important as temporary bus facilities and re-routing required liaison with transport authorities and bus service providers. Another core component of the works was managing the re-location of existing civil services and the installation of additional DDA features in a busy public space.

Key personnel