530 Collins St – Suncorp Lease

The GPT Group



Project Type

Corporate Fitout

Services Provided

Project Management, Agreement for
Lease administration and Dispute
Resolution / Determination

We were engaged to manage the tenancy agreement between our client and Suncorp over levels 27 to 38 at 530 Collins Street, Melbourne.

The scope of the project comprised two stages. The initial package primarily covered works undertaken over the period from July 2012 to February 2013 while the tenancy agreement was being reviewed and finalised.

We managed meeting attendance and the co-ordination of Suncorp additional works and key design features such as the void designs, structural approval’s, fire engineering reviews, base building services interfacing and contractor briefing, tendering and appointments.

The next stage comprised works following the execution of the Agreement for Lease. This package primarily involved the coordination, tenancy works, integration with the base building packages, representation of our client and the completion of activities as stipulated within the Agreement for Lease. We mediated to ensure resolution of design issues and overall client acceptance of the Suncorp’s design proposal.

The design activities commenced in late 2012 continued well into the first half of 2013. Whilst actual construction activities commenced in March 2013, we were actively involved in the critical review of the design well through the first half the year and further managed micro critical infrastructure works such as the fire engineering, dedicated UPS and condenser water upgrade activities.

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