Lions on the Edge

Werribee Zoo


Completed December 2003

Project Type

Interpretative Exhibit

Services Provided

Full Project Management
Delivery Methodology
Traditional Lump Sum

Accuraco team members were appointed by the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board (ZPGB) as Project Manager for the new Lions on the Edge exhibit developed at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. The Project had a strong emphasis and focus on interpretation design and implementation. The setting of the exhibit is based on natural Botswanan landscapes which are home to free roaming lions. Education and visitor interaction were key project objectives, as were commercial opportunities, animal welfare and achieving a natural open range feel.

Specialist zoo designers based in Seattle, USA and an interpretative specialist based in Vancouver, Canada were selected by ZPGB and our team members to work alongside locally based Quantity Surveyors, engineers and interpretative consultants. The concept and the scope inclusive of cost, was developed over a series of 3 intensive workshops involving Werribee Zoo, the design team, the Quantity Surveyor and representatives of ZPGB. These workshops were an efficient use of resources and assisted with the separation of distance of the USA and Canadian based specialists. Our team members coordinated the delivery of construction, artist and interpretation design packages to achieve a seamless outcome.

Our team members established clear communication channels between all parties and directed the coordinated delivery of construction, artist, and interpretative design packages to achieve a seamless result on site.

Key personnel