Pitcher Partners New Accommodation Strategy

Pitcher Partners


2014 – 2018

Project Type

Commercial Fitout

Services Provided

Project Management & Contract Administration

Delivery Methodology

Integrated Fitout

Accuraco has been commissioned as Project Manager to provide a new accommodation strategy for the Pitcher Partners business.

With their current office accommodation lease expiring in mid-2018, Pitcher Partners has taken the opportunity to harness the forthcoming move to transition the business into a format that is best suited for a dynamic organisation. This will involve the research, development and delivery of alternative accommodation, through to the successful completion of the project. In turn, this will facilitate the improved delivery of service to Pitcher Partners clients and organisational growth into the future.

Key characteristics of the project will include:

  • Fitout of approximately 9,000 – 11,000m2 of office accommodation within a new or refurbished location;
  • Accommodation for between 600 to 650 staff;
  • An integrated fitout with Mirvac at 664 Collins Street;
  • The project is required to transition the business to a new way of working, embracing the structural changes currently occurring in the Accounting and Advisory industry.
  • Deliver new, fully fitted office accommodation prior to the current lease expiry of 30 June 2018.

Accuraco is working closely with Pitcher Partners to evaluate possible accommodation locations, negotiate and administer and Agreement For Lease with Mirvac and to manage Pitcher Partners fitout consultant team and obligations under the AFL.

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