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Cultural, Heritage & Tourism

The Accuraco team has successfully managed the delivery of a range of significant interpretative exhibitions and thematic projects. With strict project deadlines of such projects, extensive cooperation and liaison with external stakeholders, substantial logistical planning and a meticulous attention to detail being required Accuraco has demonstrated capability.

Accuraco team members have proven expertise and capabilities to lead considerable operational and procurement models ensuring projects are successfully completed, on time and within budget. Accuraco employs front-end coordination and administration management to meet all official openings and project deadlines. Accuraco has been engaged by organisations including Zoos Victoria, Melbourne City Council and Major Projects Victoria on the basis of our efficient planning, direct involvement from project directors and our ability to work closely with clients, internal teams and relevant stakeholders. As a nimble organisation, Accuraco effectively adapts and responds to the varied work requirements of each individual and unique project.

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