We were engaged to manage the development and construction of the Renex Soil Treatment Facility in Dandenong South, which has become Australia’ first large-scale permanent hazardous waste thermal treatment facility.

The facility is able to treat in excess of 70,000 tonnes of contaminated soil per year reduces the volume of contaminated soils to landfill by 20%. The soil is treated using pyrolysis technology, comprising an indirectly heated rotary kiln to gently heat waste material. All operations are fully enclosed in a new 11,000m2 building.

Accuraco is provided a range of services including client representation, superintendent for the base building and project manager for the design, procurement, and the installation and commissioning of the imported specialist soil processing plant.

We also provided the investors with the rigour, controls and processes in a design and construct procurement model to deliver the objectives and stated quality and output requirements.

Key personel