McRae Building

Ruyton Girls’ School


May 2013 – Late 2015

Project Type

Property – Education

Services Provided

Project Management & Superintendence

We were appointed by Ruyton Girls’ School to project manage the new McRae Building being developed at the Kew Campus.
The project consisted of the development of a new four level building for Year 7 & 8 students providing a dynamic learning environment to cater for different learning and teaching styles and a variety of group sizes. In order for the new McRae Building to be orientated to the future it has been designed to be easily adaptable.

The new McRae Building replaces a previous building and an early works package included the demolition of this and the establishment of relocatable facilities on the sports oval as a temporary facility. Substantial logistical planning and scheduling has been undertaken to ensure the successful and safe delivery of the new facility to be constructed in the centre of the school campus.

After successful design, town planning, documentation and tender phases; McCorkell Group was awarded the Main Works Contract and commenced on site in July 2014. Contaminated soil was removed from site during excavations for the basement while some contaminated soil with a higher category was treated on site in an initiative to save time and money.

The final stages of construction saw the implementation of a unique façade system with waterproofing, framing, pocket windows and the concrete paver being installed. The paver comes in two colour tones and two contrasts providing a façade of variance depending on the light and time of day.

Key personnel