South East Storm Damage

Parks Victoria


Sept-17 to Feb-18

Project Type

Reconstruction of Parks Assets

Services Provided

Project Management & Administration Scope and Budget Preparation

Delivery Methodology

Schedule of rates

Lysterfield, Cardinia Reservoir, Churchill, Beaconsfield Upper and Baluk William Parks incurred significant damage due to various storm events spanning late 2016 to early 2017. Accuraco were engaged to undertake a detailed assessment and scoping assessment to repair tracks to pre-flood conditions.

Upon engagement, Accuraco conducted a detailed site inspection of tracks throughout each park. This information was then documented to prepare a damage assessment report to be used by Parks Victoria in order to make a claim to the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA).

The documentation captured all necessary information for the Loss Adjustor to approve the claim including:

  1. Description of the pre-event condition;
  2. Description of the damage from the event;
  3. Description of the work required to return the asset to its pre-event condition; and
  4. Estimated costs associated with the work to return the asset to its pre-event condition

Accuraco were able to accurately document, scope and estimate repair work costs across the five parks, resulting in an approved insurance claim. This provided Parks Victoria with the funds to repair these highly valued public spaces.

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