Tarneit Childcare centre


July 2017 – Feb 2018

Project Type

Property – Education

Services Provided

Full Project Management

Delivery Method

Full lump sum construction contract

Located on Tarneit Road, Tarneit Childcare Centre suffered major structural and fire damage following a vehicle crashing into the building in June 2017.

Following fire damage and subsequent demolition of the Tarneit Childcare Centre in June 2017, the intention was to rebuild as quickly as possible to have the childcare centre up and running by March 2018.

Despite a number of PM consultants baulking at the challenge of a shortened program, Accuraco embraced the task and embarked on an ambitious plan to have the building ready for enrolments by January 2018 and immediately commenced appointment of the entire project team. It was identified early that the only means of achieving the proposed program was an unconventional approach where existing information was utilised as a much as possible

Through negotiations with Council and expedited Tender process, Accuraco were able to have construction commenced within a month of appointment and exceeded expectations by having works completed by the end of February 2018.

Key personnel